I help people struggling with
physical manifestations
of that which
their souls cannot express

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Certified Psychotherapist

Over the many years I have been treating patients, various topics have piqued my interest. These areas, which mostly relate to the mind-body connection, are where I have chosen to specialize. They include eating disorders, childhood and adolescent obesity, emotional eating and body image, health crises, fibromyalgia, loss and grief, and women throughout their life cycle: fertility treatments, pregnancy and postpartum depression, and menopause.
I provide psychodynamic psychotherapy in combination with targeted methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and the motivational approach.


I have published articles on topics including eating disorders, emotional eating, childhood obesity and fibromyalgia.

Certified group psychotherapist and lecturer

Group therapist: I facilitate private and public support groups, offering therapy, guidance and tools for coping and changing habits using the motivational and psychodynamic approaches, CBT and DBT.
Those who may benefit from this option include women struggling with emotional eating and obesity, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, undergoing fertility treatments, parents to overweight children or children with celiac, and others.
Lecturer: lectures for fellow professionals, patients and parents on topics such as childhood obesity, eating disorders, emotional eating, body image and fibromyalgia.


I believe in therapy. I believe that being in therapy is a great privilege and that effective and successful treatment can transform patterns, habits, perceptions and create a positive impact on the patient’s emotional wellbeing and sense of freedom, ultimately resulting in them living fuller, more enriched lives.
I believe in creating a space that facilitates feelings of safety and trust, a space that will help the patient to feel comfortable bringing their deepest and most honest selves to each session and that enables them to feel understood and supported.
Every patient receives my full engagement and attention, and I am wholly dedicated to each and every one of them. We will walk this often-winding path together, patiently and carefully immersing ourselves in the learning and healing process, until the patient’s suffering has been alleviated and we have identified solutions to their troubles.
I attach great importance to the therapeutic relationship formed between my patients and myself. Each session is different and each patient is unique, and how the process unfolds depends on the connection that is built.

Treating people is a central part of my life. It is filling, fulfilling, exciting and fascinating to me and I am eternally grateful to be able to do it.

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